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About Us & Meet the Team

We are a 4th generation family business that has serviced the Avon Valley and Wheatbelt areas with Floorcoverings for 77 years. Current owner Garry (Grandson of the founder) has worked in the business for 43 years and along with co-owner wife Lorraine and youngest son Mitch, can offer customers experienced advice on all aspects of the industry. We have an...

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Choices Flooring by Dallimores, Northam services the following suburbs:

Adamsvale, Aldersyde, Ardath, Baandee, Badgerin Rock, Badgin, Badjaling, Bakers Hill, Balkuling, Balladong, Ballidu, Bally Bally, Barbalin, Barberton, Beacon, Beechina, Bejoording, Bencubbin, Benjaberring, Berkshire Valley, Bilbarin, Bimbijy, Bindi Bindi, Bindoon, Bindoon Training Area, Bolgart, Bonnie Rock, Booralaming, Brookton, Bruce Rock, Bullaring, Bulyee, Burakin, Burges, Burlong, Burracoppin, Burran Rock, Cadoux, Calingiri, Caljie, Carani, Clackline, Cleary, Codjatotine, Cold Harbour, Coondle, Copley, Corrigin, Cowcowing, Cramphorne, Cubbine, Culham, Cunderdin, Cunjardine, Daadenning Creek, Dale, Daliak, Dalwallinu, Dandanning, Dangin, Dewars Pool, Doodenanning, Doodlakine, Dowerin, Dukin, Dulbelling, Dumbarton, Dwarda, East Ballidu, East Beverley, East Damboring, East Pingelly, East Popanyinning, East Wickepin, Elabbin, Elachbutting, Flint, Gabalong, Gabbin, Gilgering, Gillimanning, Gillingarra, Glentromie, Goodlands, Goomalling, Goomarin, Gorge Rock, Gorrie, Grass Valley, Greenhills, Greenwoods Valley, Gwambygine, Hindmarsh, Hines Hill, Hoddys Well, Hulongine, Inkpen, Jelcobine, Jennacubbine, Jennapullin, Jibberding, Jilakin, Jitarning, Julimar, Kalannie, Karlgarin, Karloning, Karranadgin, Karroun Hill, Katrine, Kauring, Kellerberrin, Kirk Rock, Kokeby, Kondinin, Kondut, Konnongorring, Koojan, Koomberkine, Koorda, Korbel, Korrelocking, Kulin, Kulin West, Kulja, Kunjin, Kununoppin, Kurrenkutten, Kweda, Kwelkan, Kwolyin, Lake Brown, Lake Hinds, Lake Margarette, Lake Ninan, Malabaine, Malebelling, Malmalling, Malyalling, Manmanning, Marne, Meckering, Meenaar, Merredin, Miamoon, Miling, Minnivale, Mocardy, Mogumber, Mokine, Mollerin, Moondyne, Morbinning, Mount Caroline, Mount Hardey, Mount Stirling, Mouroubra, Mukinbudin, Muluckine, Mumberkine, Muntadgin, Muresk, Nalkain, Nangeenan, Narembeen, Narraloggan, Nembudding, New Norcia, Newcarlbeon, Nokaning, Norpa, North Baandee, North Kellerberrin, North Kununoppin, North Tammin, North Trayning, North Wialki, North Yelbeni, Northam, Nugadong, Nukarni, Nungarin, Nunile, Old Plains, Pantapin, Paynes Find, Petrudor, Piawaning, Pingelly, Pithara, Popanyinning, Pumphreys Bridge, Quairading, Quelagetting, Quellington, Remlap, Shackleton, South Burracoppin, South Doodlakine, South Kumminin, South Kununoppin, South Quairading, South Tammin, South Trayning, South Yelbeni, Southern Brook, Spencers Brook, Springs, St Ronans, Stratherne, Talbot West, Talgomine, Tammin, Tampu, Tandegin, The Lakes, Throssell, Toodyay, Trayning, Ucarty, Ucarty West, Wadderin, Waddington, Waeel, Walebing, Walgoolan, Walyormouring, Wamenusking, Wandering, Wannamal, Warding East, Warralakin, Watercarrin, Wattening, Wattoning, Welbungin, West Ballidu, West Holleton, West Pingelly, West Popanyinning, West Toodyay, Wialki, Wickepin, Wilgoyne, Wogolin, Wongamine, Wongan Hills, Woolocutty, Wooroloo, Woottating, Wubin, Wundowie, Wyalkatchem, Wyening, Wyola West, Xantippe, Yarawindah, Yealering, Yelbeni, Yerecoin, York, York, York, Yoting, Youndegin,



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