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Brighten your Sunroom with New Flooring

A sunroom is the perfect space to reflect, relax and unwind but before you prepare to embrace those rays, there are a few golden rules you should remember when flooring your sunroom.

Naturally a sunroom is very different from the rest of your home in that it is regularly and deliberately exposed to sunshine. This makes it difficult to select flooring that is robust enough to withstand heat without fading while also being moisture resistant. The flip side of this is that you also need to find a flooring solution that heats up but does not burn your feet as your walk through the sunroom.

In a very short time period, carpet floors have expanded and evolved in a way which gives you knew boundaries with wider limits. We know carpet is a good option for floors that have a lot of foot traffic and carpet options allows you to modernise the room to the look and feel you want. Carpet is a really great choice for your unheated sunroom flooring because it repels heat in summer meaning the room won’t become a sauna and it insulates against the cold making it a year round option for you to play with. While a luxury carpet many not be the best decision for a sunroom, you may wish to choose a more economical family friendly carpet.

Laminate flooring is another fabulous choice for your glorious golden glaze sunroom. It has many benefits but the key one is that it handles humidity really well. It is durable and rests really easy on the eye making it perfect for a sunroom. Laminate flooring comes in a range of colors and can moderate temperature during warmer months. The Plantino Laminate range of flooring provides really elegant, sleek and beautiful look for your sunroom. Keep in mind that darker colours will attract the heat, similar to theories on the colour of clothes or the car you drive. Another great flooring option is vinyl flooring for sunrooms.

Vinyl flooring is loved by many, especially for a sunroom, because they do work overtime against mildew. You can play with patterns, colours and designs allowing so many different contemporary and stylish looks. High polish timber flooring is elegant, sleek, modern and so classy that many people are naturally drawn to it for a sunroom because it does present a really fabulous look and feel. Let’s face it, that’s what you want in a sunroom.

A popular sunroom flooring look is the Scandinavian spa look. Renovators look to a light wooden floors so any wear and tear can be part of the look and fading has less of an impact. The downside to timber flooring is while they are cool in summer, they may not insulate the sunroom in winter. If you’re geographically inclined to a chill factor, you will want to have some rugs ready for Winter.

Natural timber floors are a premium product and so if it is the timber look you are trying to achieve and working to a budget, then explore the designs of laminate flooring. Laminate is a really easy to install flooring option yet be sure sure to understand the impact from UV sunrays on your sunroom floor. Choosing laminate flooring which has an oil based stain will extend the life expectancy of your floor.

And lastly, a polished concrete floor for your sunroom may work yet does have a commercial flooring look and feel to it. Remember, concrete is traditionally kept for factories and workshops but can work with a modern touch of high polish stains and paints. Concrete cleans up nicely but it naturally isn’t an overly warm flooring option and can be prone to slip hazards when wet.