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Why are Nylon Carpets popular?

Where did it all start?

Nylon carpet is one of the most common carpet types in residential homes across Australia. It is a popular carpet choice, renowned for easy maintenance and durability especially in homes with extensive foot traffic.

The origins of Nylon carpet come from the nylon first used in women’s stockings, fishing lines and toothbrush bristles! By the early 1950s, nylon was increasingly used to produce a staple carpet. It underwent a trials in commercial hotels before being launched as the first synthetic fibre carpet into the residential market.

Characteristics of Nylon Carpets

Nylon carpet is known for durability and versatility. Nylon is a strong carpet fibre and will take a lot of wear and tear before it begins to show. It is a highly resilient adaptable carpet that has good texture retention which maintains the original condition longer than other natural fibre carpets.

A solution dyed nylon carpet bonds the colour to it during the fibre production rather than dying the fibre after production like natural wool carpets. This process preventing stains seeping deep into the cells of the fibre and creates a fade resistant feature of the carpet.

Benefits of Nylon Carpets

One of the many benefits of nylon carpet is that it’s a very absorbent fibre that will prevent stains sinking deep into the carpet. This increases the life span of the carpet and can save money on carpet replacement. Nylon carpet respond exceptionally well to a steam clean giving it a new, fresh look for your home.

The resiliency of nylon carpet stems from the hydrogen molecule that constitutes the foundation of its structure The heat from the steam cleaner will reactivate the hydrogen molecule so even after extensive weight from human traffic, the carpet can still be revived to a new look. We recommend nylon carpet is steam cleaned every 12 to 18 months to maximise the life span.

Nylon carpet does come in a range of soft fibres that provide the cosy home feel and are soft underfoot. You will be pleased to know that the range of nylon carpet is extensive and also eco-friendly. The Eternity range of solution dyed nylon carpet comes with a 15 year guarantee!

Cost of Nylon Carpets

Nylon carpet is easily accessible and is an affordable carpet product. There are so many varieties of nylon carpets on the market that there really is one for every budget and every room. Due to the versatility of the nylon carpet fibres and its durability in comparison to polyester and olefin carpet types, there are inexpensive options for suit your perfect nylon carpet look.