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Turn your flooring project into a VIRTUAL REALITY with RoomView!

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Does your flooring need a facelift and you are trying to calculate how much flooring you need and coming up baffled?

Don’t worry! When it comes to flooring products, we’re here to help you figure out exactly how much flooring you need, guide you with the type of measurements you need to take and get you an exact estimate of your flooring cost at the solace of your home with the help of our flooring cost estimator- RoomView.
From here, you will be able to get an approximate estimate of your flooring cost based on whichever product you choose from our portfolio. When estimating floor costs, there are two types of flooring measurement you will come across: linear (or lineal) metre, and square metre.

A square metre (M2)
is a more popular unit of measurement. Breakdown larger spaces into rectangles to make measuring easier. Then, measure each rectangle by length and width with a measuring tape. Next, multiply the length and width together to determine how many square metres are in that space.
A linear or lineal metre measures length. Depending on the size of your room, you will calculate how much length of product you require from a carpet roll which is usually 3.66m wide. Measure the square metres of your space and then divide that by 3.66m to determine the linear metres. However, if you room is less than 3.66m long, this process will not always be accurate.


  1. Start by measuring your room(s)- We recommend you do it in M2 and round up your measurements to ensure you have sufficient material to cover any mishaps (or miscalculations) for. A good strategy is to add 5% extra for hard flooring and add 10% extra for carpets.
  2. Alternatively, you can also contact Choices flooring specialists for a FREE Measuring Quote Our highly trained staff can spot things like uneven sub-floors, odd-shaped rooms, awkward corners or seam placement considerations that may require special steps, like a customized cut, during the installation.
  3. Decide the type of flooring you would like from our vast product portfolio- whether you choose the plush touch of a dense carpet or timeless and classy feel of timber or versatility of a hybrid flooring, the choice will depend on your taste, budget, durability and functionality
    For our suite of products, visit
  4. Ultimate try-before-you-buy experience - Picturing what new flooring would look like in your home settings is quick and easy with our brand-new room visualiser- RoomView. You’ll be able to see new flooring in an instant by following three simple steps. You can filter flooring by colour tone, design, style and even be creative by adding on rugs and window furnishings on top of your selected flooring option.


1: Pick a Product -  Choose a product from our flooring range including timber, hybrid, carpet and more



2: Snap a Photo -  Take a picture of the room you wish to visualise and upload it from your gallery


3: View Your New Room - Watch the most realistic example! Your selected flooring in your own room with current settings, at your convenience

Finally, get your flooring cost estimate before you even visit our store.

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