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Your Ultimate Bedroom Style Guide

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By Bree Leech – Stylist
Bree Leech works with some of the country's most prominent interior brands to create beautiful imagery and forecast colour trends, here she provides inspiration and style tips for one of our most loved rooms - the bedroom.
Home has become our hub, from education to work we have had to adapt to utilising spaces as we have never had to before. With so much going on in the home, it's never been more important to have our own sanctuary within it, a place for personal expression, to escape, relax, play or pamper - the bedroom is our place for respite and a space that reflects our personal style.

Homegrown Style

Take colour cues from your own backyard and be inspired by a native palette that creates a relaxed place for respite. Choose a palette of earthy neutrals, eucalypt, native greens and pair with the hues of Australian botanicals, from soft pink to rich ochre. Buy local where you can, furniture designed and/or made in Australia that is great quality will last the distance. Bring it all together with a splash of pattern and texture in natural materials.
Style Tip
Fill your bedroom with things that uplift, make you smile and provide a sense of comfort - it could be your favourite colours, artwork or beloved furniture piece.

Boho Style

A boho bedroom is all about earthy texture, a free spirited style where fabrics are flowing in window furnishings and layers of bedlinen. Colour palettes range from whites to earthy reds and browns, can be fresh or muted and paired with natural materials like raw timber, rattan and linen. Texture is key, feature wall panelling, fringed fabrics, tufted blankets and macrame art. Add organic elements with hanging plants and ceramic accessories.
Style Tip
Build on neutral bedding by adding a throw or quilt with exaggerated texture and bolder earthy shades, you can never have too many layers in a boho bedroom.


Kids Personal Style

The most important element in a child's room is their own personality. Allow it to shine through by involving your child in selecting the décor. You could show them options of wall colour, bedlinen and furniture or have them get creative by making their own artworks to feature. Letting your child’s own style direct the look of their bedroom helps create a space that is their own and a perfect place to escape and be themselves.

Coastal Style

Traditionally, coastal styles draw on cooler palettes but they can be just as successful with warmer hues. Take inspiration from a Hamptons look with panelled walls, then relax the mood with cane furniture, rattan details and loose linen bedding. Artwork and ceramics reinforce the style with coastal themes and shell motifs. Easily change up your coastal look by replacing terracotta hues with navy or soft blues.

Country Style

Modern country style is all about textures and traditions. A country feel nods to the past through features such as traditional wall panelling, dado rails or vintage furniture and accessories. The country look isn't too matchy, mix both old and new furniture, including vintage worn pieces and eclectic combinations of bedlinen. Indoor greenery connects us back to the countryside and fresh cut foliage from Australian natives adds the perfect finishing touch.
Style Tip
Create a colour palette for your bedroom inspired by the hues found in nature, soft greens, butter yellows and pastel blues help create a relaxing space.

Luxe Style

Creating a sense of luxury in the bedroom can be just like staying in your favourite hotel each night. Luxury starts with a lush carpet underfoot, complement with indulgent materials such as dark timbers and linen drapes. Work with a minimal colour palette for the full luxe effect, deep moody colours are a great place to start. Add accents in brass and stone for a high-end feel and ensure your lighting creates a mood to match.
Style Tip
Opulent metals such as brass, bronze or platinum make perfect accents in furniture or hardware in a luxe bedroom.

Soft Industrial Style

Soft industrialism takes the hard edged elements we associate with industrial looks like concrete and steel and makes them more liveable by softening them with other décor or features such as timber accents, carpeted floors and a palette of soft natural hues. In the bedroom feature elements associated with structural components such as timber beams or supports, graphic patterns like bold stripes and soften with linen bedding in soft greens.
Style Tip
Your structural features don't have to be real - create the look of a soft industrial space by adding timber sections to a wall to create the look of exposed studs.

Tropical Style

If the beach is your go-to place for relaxation and calm why not create a tropical retreat in your own home? Dream about pineapples and piña coladas as you find your own island style with palm prints in bed linen or wallpaper and colour palettes inspired by tropical fruits and flowers. Add coloured glass accessories filled with botanicals from warmer climates and you'll have a bedroom oasis to rival the rainforest.
Style Tip
You can create a more luxurious tropical look by incorporating deeper hues in your palette, pair these with jewel coloured accents.


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