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Your Ultimate Homegrown Style Guide

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Homegrown Style

Homegrown Style Furniture should be minimal and high quality. Opt for natural materials when selecting flooring and furniture to add a feeling of organic warmth to your space. Start with Timber Flooring, accent a similar species of wood throughout your home, to create a look that is cohesive and calming.

Keep it minimalist, do away with clutter and keep what reflects your taste. Up your storage solutions to help you in downsizing. Built in wardrobes, under bed storage and a good spring clean will help you in evoking a peaceful homegrown abode.

Bring the outdoors in and decorate with fragrant plants, try native palms or coastal cress. Play with natural light and block air draughts with Plantation Shutters. A low maintenance and allergy free option that adds value to your Homegrown style abode.

These MOOD PVC Shutters in Antique will add style and value to your home.

Wanting to warm up your home grown look?

Try adding fabrics, wool carpet or even dress your space with a large rug. A Flat Woven rug Natural can be a great option to refresh your Homegrown Style.

See the Atrium Barker Rug in Natural

Take colour cues from your own backyard and be inspired by a native palette that creates a relaxed place for respite. Choose a palette of earthy neutrals, eucalypt, native greens and pair with the hues of Australian botanicals, from soft pink to rich ochre. Buy local where you can, furniture designed and/or made in Australia that is great quality will last the distance. Bring it all together with a splash of pattern and texture in natural materials.
Style Tip
Fill your bedroom with things that uplift, make you smile and provide a sense of comfort - it could be your favourite colours, artwork or beloved furniture piece.


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