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Your Ultimate Kids Personal Style Guide

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Kids Personal Style

In kids bedrooms less is more! Keep furniture minimum to ensure there is plenty of room to lounge on the floor and play.

Less furniture also means it is easier to upgrade and expand as your child grows. Simple storage solutions such as under-bed drawers, built in wardrobes and bookshelves will help keep the clutter away.

Create a nook where your child can craft, learn and create. A simple small desk with a sturdy chair will do, this can easily transition into a study space as they grow.

Committing to bold paint colours can be daunting. Save yourself a yearly paint! Don't go overboard with wall colour- Keep your walls neutral, Bright pink walls can be all the rave at the moment, in a couple years they may outgrow the moment. Splash colour through decor, ornaments, posters and other trinkets.

Create a cozy reading nook.

A cushioned corner hidden in a canopy is a great way to encourage quiet reading. Dress it in pillows, soft animals and fairy lights for added effect.

The most imperative thing in a kids room is fun and freedom! Create an imaginary escape for your child, a place where they can recharge and grow.

The most important element in a child's room is their own personality. Allow it to shine through by involving your child in selecting the d├ęcor. You could show them options of wall colour, bedlinen and furniture or have them get creative by making their own artworks to feature. Letting your child’s own style direct the look of their bedroom helps create a space that is their own and a perfect place to escape and be themselves.



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