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How To Choose The Right Carpet Type For Your Home

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Carpet is a beautiful addition to any home, but choosing between fibres and styles can be difficult if you're unsure where to start. Understanding the differences will help you make the right choice for your home, and to make your selection process a little easier, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to carpet types.

What are the different carpet types?

Looking for a luxurious carpet option? Wool carpet is warm, luxurious and has a long-lasting beauty that will stand the test of time. As a natural product, wool provides warmth during those cold winter months and keeps its cool in summer. It also features natural stain resistance and insulating properties.

From farm to floor, wool carpet has stood the test of time for generations. It is the perfect choice for those looking for a sustainably and natural sourced product. Plus, it supports our farmers in Australia and New Zealand. Wool carpet also excels at absorbing sound and is naturally fire resistant.

Top Choices: Windsor Wool - Brookside, Temuka - Langdale

For more information on wool carpets, view our Natural Choices brochure.


Families with children and pets require a carpet that can withstand high traffic, spills, and stains without compromising on comfort and style. Polyester is widely loved for its lustrous appearance and beautiful colours, high level of stain resistance and the fact that it is one of the most eco-friendly synthetic fibres you can get.

Relative to long-lasting nylon, polyester carries a lower cost, making it a great option for budget-driven renovations and rental properties. It is also ideal for humid, moist climates thanks to its ability to naturally repel liquids.

Top Choices: Haven - Alluna, Haven - Delta Twist

For more information on polyester carpets, view our Family Friendly Choices brochure.


Nylon is the most popular carpet in Australian homes. Ultra soft, durable and stain resistant, it’s ideal for high-traffic areas, families or pets. It’s easy to keep clean and is a cheaper alternative to traditional wool. This carpet type is perfect for busy households due to its stain resistant properties. Although nylon does cost more than polyester, it is guaranteed to last thanks to its exceptional durability.

Our family friendly carpets are crafted with durable fibres and aim to provide the highest stain-resistance possible. Additionally, these carpets have superior resilience to foot traffic to ensure long-lasting performance.

Top Choices: Harlow - Barclay, Harlow - Elliston

For more information on nylon carpets, view our Ultimate Choices brochure.


Solution Dyed Nylon is the next generation of nylon carpet. It has colour added to the fibre strands during the production process, rather than applied to the surface afterwards, meaning the colour will withstand cleaning and sunlight year after year. Complimented with anti-stain and static characteristics, this fibre has exceptional yarn memory, ensuring the carpet strands hold their twist and appearance for longer.

For those with asthma or allergy concerns, investing in an asthma-friendly carpet is paramount. Solution Dyed Nylon carpets are designed with hypoallergenic materials and features that inhibit the growth of allergens, such as dust mites and mould.

Top Choices:  Brease - Martello, Eternity - Delano

For more information on solution dyed nylon carpets, view our Asthma Friendly Choices brochure.


Another great option for family homes, Polypropylene is a synthetic fibre that is a great option if you’re working with a budget. Anti-static plus fade and stain resistant, it is often used in rental properties, garages and playrooms.

This carpet is an ideal choice for any areas that are subject to spillages. Perfect for large spaces with minimal traffic, you can enjoy comfort, easy cleaning, and low maintenance. 

Top Choices: Haven - Zambri, Haven - Denham Coast

For more information on polypropylene carpets, view our Family Friendly Choices brochure.


Triexta is the newest carpet on the block! It’s a high-end fibre made from 37% renewably sourced polymer that’s derived from corn sugar. It has built-in natural stain resistance and can be cleaned with just cold water. Triexta is also super soft and durable, making it a popular choice for busy households.

Top Choices: Serenity - Mayfair, Serenity - Grange 

For more information on triexta carpets, view our Ultimate Choices brochure.


What are the different carpet styles?

Twist - A staple choice to keep the look neutral and clean. A twist carpet can add a soft, comfortable finish to any interior space and is perfect for all rooms of your home. 

Loop - A resilient, durable carpet for high traffic areas. Strong and resistant, loop carpets have an even height, which provides a linear style. Loop carpets are easy to care for as they don't show footprints and resistant soil and dirt effectively.

Textured - Textured carpets have a structured look, achieving it with loops and cuts at different heights. These carpets can provide both lineal and undulate looks, creating an eye-catching statement to the home interior.

Plush - A plush carpet features dense and slightly twisted yarns that stand upright to form an even surface. This luxurious carpet style provides a feeling of smooth and velour finish, given the level heights of the carpet strands.


Once you have an idea of which carpet is right for you, view our carpet flooring range and browse through hundreds of options. Use the search filters to narrow down your preferred types, and book a FREE measure & quote today.

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